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  • Mauve Fleece Sweetheart  Sewing Sweethearts
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Sewing Sweethearts

Mauve Fleece Sweetheart

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$14.00 USD
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$14.00 USD

Adult (6+)
Child (4-5 years)
Toddler (1-3 years)
Baby (6-12 months)
Newborn (0-6 months)

Fleece sweetheart headbands have a layer of fleece on the interior of the headband, making it thicker, warmer, and comfy. This sweetheart is sewn with a bamboo fleece making it very breathable as well. 

Sizing: please note the standard adult size fits ages 6 and up. Smaller sizes are available, but these are approximates - feel free to size up or down depending on what you feel should fit best.

Handmade in Sainte-Eustache, Quebec

Please note that colour may be slightly different depending on your screen setting. The pattern may also vary slightly depending on where the fabric is cut.