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  • Heather Lake Sweetie  Sewing Sweethearts
  • Heather Lake Sweetie  Sewing Sweethearts
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Sewing Sweethearts

Heather Lake Sweetie

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$15.00 CAD
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$15.00 CAD

Adult (6+)
Child (4-5 years)
Toddler (1-3 years)
Baby (6-12 months)
Newborn (0-6 months)

The sweetie bow headband is perfect for fitness and everyday wear. They are tied and can thus adjust to a variety of head sizes, making them extremely versatile. 

The material is super soft, comfortable, stretchy and lightweight.

Whether you want to match your mini, manage your post partum frizzies or those bad hair days, have a stylish but effortless look, or hit the gym - this headband is a perfect option!

Material: bamboo spandex

Sizing: please note the standard adult size fits ages 6 and up. Smaller sizes are available, but these are approximates - feel free to size up or down depending on what you feel should fit best.

Handmade in Sainte-Eustache, Quebec

Please note that colour may be slightly different depending on your screen setting. The pattern may also vary slightly depending on where the fabric is cut.