Sewing Sweethearts opened in 2020 by a mama in Saint Eustache, Quebec during her maternity leave.

hi! 🖤 

I’m Kirstie, teacher on leave, mom of 3 kids, and the owner and sole employee of Sewing Sweethearts. 

I started sewing headbands soon after giving birth to my oldest son in 2020 because I wanted something to hide my post partum hairloss and keep the frizzies out of my way. I was struggling with finding a comfortable headband with cute designs, so I thought hey why not make my own!

Sewing my own sweetheart headbands quickly turned from a hobby to a small business thanks to so much support from those around me. So in the summer of 2020 I opened up shop on social media during my maternity leave! 

I’ve always had a dream of having more time for my kids as well - with Sewing Sweethearts I saw this hope of extending my maternity leave and keeping my son home with me! In December 2021, I did just that! During this time I added scrunchies and bow headbands to the line as well. Scrunchies have been one of my favorites, since I wear one every day with my kids home and constantly yanking on my hair! I wanted to design something that was comfy, stylish, fun, and held my hair back! 

Fast forward to September 2021 and I welcomed my youngest son into the world! I didn’t skip a beat though. After giving myself two weeks to recoup from my c-section, I jumped back in the game because Sewing Sweethearts is my fourth baby! The line is quickly expanding with new styles being added - sweetknots being the newest headband and now sweet minis which were inspired by the birth of my niece 💖.

I now juggle the business and mom life with two young boys at home and a lot of coffee in hand, and it’s made me so happy! 

I value the sewing sweethearts community so much, and I want to assure that so much work and love goes into every product! One thing that makes this shop unique is that absolutely everything is handmade by yours truly while my children are sleeping. So when you shop small, you’re really making this family do a happy dance!

If ever you have any questions, issues, concerns, or want to share some love - please reach out to me either on social media @sewingsweethearts or by email